Circa 1996 our seasoned team has been trafficking digital advertising and monetizing inventory assets for local and global brands. Our focus has always been on performance with results that speak for themselves.

The core strength of CPCsources rests on its full-stack philosophy for optimizing ad-serving.
From our use of custom server hardware – switches, servers, routers and nodes – and efficient and optimized ad serving software our system delivers outstanding results for advertiser and publisher.

Preferred Publishers Earn More With CPCsources

CPCsources gives publishers the tools needed for maximum success, including one-on-one expert advice or management and the best performing campaigns at the highest rates.

• High-yielding CPA, CPC and CPM campaigns; become a premium provider to qualify for branded and exclusive CPM campaigns.
• Proprietary publisher support platform designed to maximize inventory yield
• One-on-one campaign support to match high-performing offers with the right audiences

Advertisers Achieve Your Metrics

We are experts in conversions, branding, retargeting across all delivery platforms. Your campaign will be optimized in real-time through and personally managed to ensure success.

• Access to all exchanges and reach into 95% of all available traffic sold online
• Award winning advertiser campaign set-up, trafficking and conversion tracking  support
• One-on-one support to match high-performing offers with the right audiences

CPCsources’ AI and Machine Learning functionality power:

• Multi-dimensional Request and Response optimization
• Near real-time topic/keyword processing for website URLs
• Advanced bidding optimization for CPM, CPC and CPA goals

CPCsources’ premier DSP, RTB provides tier 1 display, push, pop, search and contextual targeted traffic Demand and Supply in scalable quantity through one UI. XML, JSON, oRTB compatible.

Utilizing the best in class fraud and bot protection;